Nature is in most of my art. The boundaries, scale and representation of it can be abstracted or literal. An interest in relational and energetic expression often accompanies this imagery.

Landscape is what Iʼve painted a lot historically. Oneʼs relationship to the land is essential in that it sustains us. For me, being in nature is solace from urban life, a place to find visual symbols and, connection to the land through an aesthetic medium.

Abstraction – If you have to explain it, it probably isnʼt working. That said, it has endless potential, is more challenging than it looks but tremendously freeing when it works.

Spirit Figures have been with me for a long time. I see figures in the here and now and simultaneously with light and energy emanating. Marcel Duchamp spoke of the space between a creative idea and itʼs form in matter. Decreasing that space, has been my work while also allowing for discovery in the process.

Energy: Thereʼs the world I see and the world I feel or sense at other levels. Depicting and imagining other-dimensional layers is very compelling to me, and a life-long interest.