Artist Statement

Making art allows the rip-roaring life force inside me to go where it goes. It’s a gift and a challenge, both laborious and transcendent. Sometimes I enter a trance-like state and hours go by: the studio a mess, paint all over the place, the sun setting, I’m hungry – but he thrill of discovery is intoxicating. The artist Marcel Duchamp once described the process from idea to realization as, “the unexpressed but intended and the unintentionally expressed.”


The shapes you’ll take, I never know
but I show up,
with a 1000-mile stare
and sit, in that old modern chair
looking at blank canvas-
a 3-D frame for
a transport game
sometimes a torrent
or a whisper, no rushing
you say
as I crane and stretch,
and wait for your impulse
big strokes arrive, from outside the edge
as my arm takes flight
no hesitation now
I stand
and swirl in your shadows
flick coppery-yellow light,
feverishly smudge and blend
scrape or add like you’re leaving,
a little desperate of your loss.

Neurons grow
as I travel inside,
in fields of mine,
if only it were always this good

but I mistake silence for absence,
and force your arrival,
or use my brush as a weapon
and become red,
be patient you say


then white appears,
a prelude to peace
and giant worlds open,


Radiance that surrounds

Last night I saw beautiful backlit images of people walking, running and hiking up Tumamoc Hill, a very significant historical site in Tucson. I’ve long been fascinated by the radiance that surrounds people with sunlight from behind, especially how it refracts and the unpredictable effects it produces visually. Translating some of these effects into paintings is one of my quests these days. I do it with landscapes and nature and want to extend it to figurative work, as well.